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Who Is This Guy?

Yes, my web-name of PresbyterJon is a pun. For those of you who don’t know, Presbyter John was a fabled and legendary Christian king who supposedly ruled either in India or somewhere in Central Asia during the Middle Ages. Perhaps you know him as Prester John – ‘Prester’ being a corruption of the word ‘Presbyter.’ Though, as far as we know, neither he nor his kingdom ever existed, the historians and map-makers of that time were convinced otherwise. As India and Central Asia gradually became better known in the West and no trace of Prester John was found, his location was conveniently shifted to Africa.

Now since my family accuses me of perpetually making bad puns; since I am a Christian; since I have served as an ordained Elder (in New Testament usage ‘Presbyter’ and ‘Elder’ are equivalent terms); since I grew up in a portion of Asia which was included in the India of the Middle Ages; since I have set foot on the continent of Africa; since some who ought to know better persist in calling me Jon – well, you get the idea.

So who am I in real life? Those of you who know me, don’t need me to tell you. For those who don’t, I’m sorry but I have my reasons for remaining semi-anonymous.

PresbyterJon speaking at an undisclosed location.

PresbyterJon also writes books!

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