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Welcome To My Soapbox!

Over the years, I’ve noticed that I tend to think a little differently than others. These musings, rants, ideas and observations are my take on the church, church leadership, the Bible and various other aspects of Christianity.

Feel free to comment. Constructive criticism, or even dissent, is welcome – I certainly don’t claim to have everything figured out. I only ask that comments be made with a spirit of grace and respect. Personal attacks, invective or crude language, not befitting a dialog among followers of Christ, will be deleted and the perpetrators banned.

Oh, and one other thing. While I don’t require you to agree with me about everything, this blog is unashamedly written by a Christian from a Christian perspective. I reserve the right to delete any comments which try to promote some other world-view. If you want to champion some other Cause, fine – but go write your own blog!

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