• Beyond Imagination - My wife sits at the dining room table typing on her laptop computer. Her cat lies sprawled across her legs. Every so often my wife reaches down and strokes his fur or gives the root of his ears a scratch. It’s a scene of domestic bliss and contentment. Two beings at peace with one another … Continue reading
  • Blasphemy! - My wife and I left the program with decidedly mixed feelings. On the one hand, the young people from our congregation we had gone to support did a bang-up job. The acting and singing was superb. On that level we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. On the other hand we were, to put it mildly, bemused … Continue reading
  • Pi-Dog Miracle - Perhaps one of the most perplexing conundrums people face is the notion of free will, on the one hand, and the sovereignty of God on the other. Unless people have true freedom of choice, how can God possibly be just in punishing anyone for doing evil? How can God hold them responsible for something which … Continue reading
  • Living As A Church In Covenant - How being in covenant should impact us as a church. In a previous post, I wrote about what it means to be in the marriage covenant. In this post I want to explore being in covenant relationship with God and what that means to the church. When we realize what it means to be in … Continue reading
  • What Did I Agree To Do When I said, “I Do”? - A look at the practical application of covenant. Several years ago a friend of mine opened my eyes to the importance of covenant. He pointed out that we Christians can’t really understand our relationship to Christ and God without understanding covenant. He’s right. That’s how the New Testament describes our relationship. When you get right … Continue reading
  • Cycles of Grace, Cycles of Judgment - Is God cruel or loving? People have trouble enough dealing with the dilemma of why an all-powerful and loving God allows evil. Yet the Old Testament stories make it clear that God, not only allowed but, was very much involved in the events recorded there. One mistake people make when reading the biblical accounts is … Continue reading
  • Outcasts All - Everyone has a message he or she needs to share. There’s a saying in church circles that everyone has at least one sermon in him. What I mean when I use the expression is that each person, no matter how long he or she has been a Christian, is passionate about at least one thing, … Continue reading
  • Law vs. Spirit - What motivates us to do right? My daughter aspires to a career writing children’s literature. I think she’ll succeed. She has a good imagination, she’s developed a unique voice in her writing and has the necessary discipline to park fundament in chair in front of computer for the requisite time to capture her plots. Where … Continue reading
  • Why Aren’t Christians Nicer? - We are works in progress. Jesus didn’t come for those who don’t need help. One of the arguments I’ve heard against Christianity is, “If Christianity is true, then how come so many people who aren’t Christians are nicer than those who are?” I can answer that question because I happen to be one of those … Continue reading
  • Tradition, Fads and Silver Bullets - Why programs seldom produce expected results, and what to do about it. Everybody knows what happens in a church service. Right? In fact, with only minor variations, the “order of service” is remarkably similar across denominations. And, most congregations hardly vary anything year in and year out. Drop a total stranger into just about any … Continue reading

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